Since 2010, Canadian filmmakers Patricia Sims and Michael Clark have documented the plight of the endangered Asian elephant in Thailand. When Elephants Were Young is the result of their five-year quest to explore new strategies for the future of human-elephant relations and the survival of all elephants.


Patricia Sims - producer, director, writer

As filmmaker and writer, Patricia has a passion for large-brained megafauna - from dolphins, to primates, to elephants. Her quest to portray the interrelationships between humans and animals has led her around the globe in pursuit of the issues that threaten these relationships. She has directed and produced numerous award-winning films for international broadcasters, sponsors, and organizations. Her films explore the conservation challenges faced by modern and traditional societies, telling stories that expose the complexity and paradox of our relationships with animals, nature, and each other.



Michael Zo Clark - cinematographer, editor

As technology activist, cinematographer, and editor, Michael has employed his many talents to portray the interconnectivity of life on this planet. He has won many international awards for his work and his credits range from documentaries to episodic television, commercial and feature film productions. Michael's mission is to use digital and traditional media to inspire awareness, awe, and action for a mirthful, sustainable future.