The When Elephants Were Young original music score is composed by Bruce Fowler, with songs by Kate Bush/Placebo, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, cellist Jami Sieber, Chris Caddell and the Wreckage, and Geoff Callaghan and The Schopenhauer Incident.

Bruce Fowler – Composer

Bruce is a music composer and sound designer with decades of experience working in a broad range of genres (including orchestral, electronica, solo piano and rock) for film and television. He works closely with filmmakers to bring the thematic underlays of a project to life with compositions that reflect its vision, mood and message. He has composed music for numerous award-winning films and television series, including the theme for CBC's “The Fifth Estate”, John Kastner's “Life with Murder” (which won an International Emmy in 2011) and “Rage Against the Darkness” (which won Best Film at Hot Docs in 2004). His clients include CTV, CBC, Global, the NFB, PBS, TSN and the Discovery Channel, and documentary filmmakers such as Gordon Henderson, Andrew Gregg, Cynthia Banks, Karen Pinker, Charles Officer, Patricia Sims and Michael Clark.

Jami Sieber

Electric cellist Jami Sieber reaches inside the soul with compositions that are contemporary, lush, and powerfully evocative. Her life-long commitment to the environment and the healing arts is at the heart of her music. She has composed for film and has entered into dynamic collaborations with an extraordinary spectrum of dancers, poets, vocalists, and instrumentalists that span the globe. Since meeting and falling in love with the Asian Elephant in Thailand in 2001, she has been involved in the Asian Elephant Crisis conversation and has released a CD recording “Hidden Sky” which benefits elephant conservation.

Chris Caddell – Chris Caddell and the Wreckage

Chris is widely known as one of Canada's great guitarists, and currently plays guitar for Colin James and Sass Jordan. In recent years his own recording career has grown and with the '14 release of his album, Tough Lung, Chris is becoming recognized as one of Canada's great singer/songwriters. “My End”, the lead-off track from Tough Lung, is featured in When Elephants Were Young. Chris also plays slide guitar in some of the film score. His work on the film has inspired him to get involved with Acoustic for Elephants and donate two solo performances of his work to the compilation.

Geoff Callaghan – The Schopenhauer Incident

As the lead singer and cowriter for his band, The Schopenhauer Incident, Geoff follows up years of being a Toronto favorite with his performance and composition of the featured song “When You're Young” in When Elephants Were Young. Geoff also provided some guitar work and vocals in the film score. “When You're Young” will be included in the release of The Schopenhauer Incident's debut album, “Prolegomena to Modern Absurdity and the New Meloncholia”, expected in early '16. Learning about the plight of elephants while working on the film moved Geoff to donate two acoustic performances of his songs to the compilation Acoustic for Elephants.