It’s World Elephant Day 2015!

Another World Elephant Day is upon us. World Elephant Day is August 12th and it’s the fourth year for the annual campaign. It’s incredible how people’s awareness and concern about the urgent plight that elephants are facing is spreading around the world. Some of you may know that I am the co-founder of World Elephant Day. We launched it in 2012 as a day to bring people together to help elephants.

Although it’s very encouraging that more people are becoming aware of the numerous issues that threaten the future survival of elephants, the fact remains that the issues very much need our collective attention and support in order to make a difference. This year for World Elephant Day, we have compiled a brief overview of where things are at for both African and Asian elephants.

In our own work, we are very happy to announce that our feature documentary film, “When Elephants Were Young,” is finally completed! Through the simple story of a young man named Wok and the young elephant named Nong Mai, many of the problems for Asian elephants are unravelled, with some hopeful solutions.

“When Elephants Were Young” will be released this Fall. We’re excited about our new trailer, which has just been completed. Please check it out! We will be releasing details very soon about when and where the film can be seen. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this elephant journey!